I am a Dreamer: Sweet Dreams as a Kid

Today must be a wonderful and blissful day!
Because I had two sweet dreams in a row last night!!! Wohoo

After being tortured by zombie dreams a couple of times, finally God blessed me with sweet dreams. Two in one night! I woke up with smile 🙂

In the first dream, I was standing in front of a big crowd. There were a few primary schools kids sitting behind me looking very nervous. I looked around and Ah! I was in a debate competition (looked like one). I was the tallest among them, perhaps I failed to reminisce my “child form”. As a toastmasters trained person, I immediately turned to my neighbors and shared with them some skills to do a proper self introduction (Don’t ask me why we need to give self intro, I do not understand either). Of course I was the first speaker to establish a role model to the others. I remembered I exaggerated my intonation, enunciation and pronunciation during my introduction. I was so confident without any nervousness as if I was dominating the stage and crowd.

And then!
I won the competition! HAHAHAHA
Triumph like a kid below, not Triumph like D Trump.
(I like the photo, a bit blur, just like how blur I was in the dream)

The happiness was damn real! I could feel it, people congratulated me and the event continued with a cocktail session as if celebrating my victory. 
I still remembered vividly, I talked to myself: “I can’t believe I can win a debate in English, when I can speak like a pro!? LOL”; “Perhaps may be I am extremely confident, that’s why I can speak so well” 
HAHAHA. OK done with the stupid monologue part. 

The most interesting part was, I was required to give 2 minutes victory speech! What a nonsense dream! 
But I didn’t have time to prepare at all, then the nervousness started to kick in. But I told myself: “No worry, as long as I am confident, I can anyhow give a two minutes speech!” LOL (Perhaps I join Toastmasters too much! HAHAHA)

The moment I stood in front of the audience in suit …. the dream ended! (Like Faded away) 
Whatttt!!!! I wanted to enjoy the moment lorrrr ~~~

But the fun didn’t end there. I was literally “transferred” back to my home in Muar. I saw my uncle and asked where the cakes are? (Please don’t ask me why suddenly I ask about cakes) Apparently there was a party at my house. I got an answer from my uncle and ran towards a food booth outside my house. (FYI, my house has a wide empty compound in front). When I arrived there, I saw attractive and colorful cake! It very much looked like this:

I slid the cake and tasted it. The cake was so delicious, creamy and satisfying sweet (I am a sweet stuff lover anyway). Then I saw a lot of kids coming towards me. Most of them are Caucasian kids. I was so happy to see them and played with them joyfully. The exhilaration was so beyond description. We hold hands and ran around. We laughed and cared nothing. It was just like going back to the innocent childhood. 

There was a kid telling me that there were a lot more cakes waiting for us. So all of us rushed there and started eating more cakes. The variety of cakes was impressive, they had different layers with different colors. I kept eating like no tomorrow, my unlimited appetite could be compared to a black hole! Some kids even told me, next time they would bring their special cakes from their countries for me. Yes Yes Yes, I couldn’t wait for that! 

Later on, all of us started dancing. You would not believe that, everyone was doing Indian dance! HAHAHA. (Since when I am a fan of Indian Dance?! LOL) I even saw Indian uncles and aunties demonstrating the Indian dances to us! What a hilarious and enjoyable moment. 

In a few minutes, I was literally “transferred” back to my house (Pooooffff~~~) meeting my brother and the uncle, they asked me where I got all those cakes.

I answered: “Well…”

blu… blu… blu… I opened my eyes.

Sweet dreams indeed can cheer me up. The happiness upon waking up is incredible. I still can’t believe the joy I have with those kids. (P/S: I am not a kids lover. I feel like after having a baby, my whole life is going to revolve around the baby, sacrificing my personal enjoyment)

But, the dream reminds me of a story:

Two neighbors in a flat; one with a kid but poor, one without any kid but rich. The poor looks happy but the rich looks sad. Because there is a baby smiling to the poor but the money doesn’t smile to the rich.

Undeniable, one day I also want to have my own family and kids, if that’s God’s will and blessing.

Anyway, happiness can be as simple as having a sweet dream. 

Have a nice year ahead, everyone 🙂

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