I am a Dreamer: Oversea Robbing Mission!

Friday, 2nd September 2016

TGIF! But it was a tiring day. Perhaps I have played too much games or worked too hard? LOL
Body felt exhausted and brain juice was running real low, I switched off my brain and rested comfortably on my bed.


Yawn, I woke up at home. There, I saw my cousin (阿颜) and remembered I wanted to go his house to have a festive feast (Perhaps is ghost month). But it was too far from my house, I couldn’t go without a car. I was so desperate to go, probably my stomach complaint too hard. Then I asked my cousin whether he was going back. And he said yes, but when stepping out of my house, I saw my aunts and other cousins came, they brought down all the food and set them up like catering. I was so happy until I forgot what food there was. I remember… Curry? 

When I turned to my back, out of sudden I physically appeared in another place. This time is a flower garden. 

I saw a gang of strangers but I felt like I knew them. They walked towards me. We had a little chat, and know what the topic was about? Robbing somebody oversea. I remembered vaguely the excitement when we decided on this mission. “He deserved it! He was so rich and we should target him”, circulating in my mind. The excitement and the sensation was so real. Then we somehow came to a consensus and a plan which I had forgotten. What I remembered was I happily left the garden and turned my head back, I saw vivid and colourful sea of flowers, purple, yellow and etc. They were so lively and dancing gracefully. I could sense the joy from them.

Story seemed to fast forward when I suddenly appeared in an airport! That’s it, it made sense because it was an oversea Mission! Wohoo, my brain told me the airline was EMIRATES! In real life I took once, it gave me Super good impression. 

This made me even more excited! I bought a big backpack and hold some stuffs on my hand. I saw a little cute plant (something like Money Plant) in its flower pot. I somehow knew the purpose of plant, it was to distract the officer on my Mission to rob people! “Hahaha”. So they would ask a lot about the plant and forgot about my big backpack (Super naive!!!). 

The airport was so huge and looked sophisticated. I remembered how impressed I was at there. The spacious lobby, the cool air-cond, the exciting Mission, my adrenaline level was so high! I also couldn’t wait to hop onto the Emirates airplane! 

When I approached the airport scanner gantry, I saw a guy in his uniform with Super Black Face! He was not in a good mood man! Then I put my stuffs down on the scanner belt and ready for them to get scanned, including my little cute flower pot. Out of sudden, the officer was mad and raged, he flipped my stuffs downside up just like flipping a table! He showed his poker face! But I felt INFURIATED. I quickly attended to my stuffs on the floor and my little cute flower pot was broken into pieces and the soil was everywhere. I was sad and mad at the same time. But wait! I was rushing to meet my friends, they all passed the scanner already. I was so nervous and needed to hurry up! I quickly ran toward another lanes and suddenly something strange popped out in my mind. I saw some lady officers were handling the other lanes, they were Japanese! And they are wearing big earphones. My mind told me they were listening to some training because they got no free time to attend physically a training. “Omg! Out of story”. 

But they ignored me and didn’t want to serve me. I was so so mad and Geram!!! I was in rush lah! The airplane was taking off!!! The image of airplane taking off flashed in front of me! I gonna miss my flight! Damn! I shouted loudly, “I am going to complain you and all of you!!!!” (Sorry I live in Singapore for quite some time, LOL) 

Then I ran again to another lane, the lady officer there welcomed me but there was a stupid guy scanning his stuffs, he got 4-5 boxes of colourful boxes to be scanned. It slowed the process down! Then I took this time to retrieve my stuffs on the floor. I picked up as many stuffs as I could, and inside the messy soil, I saw my Blue MuayThai hand wrap and I immediately grabbed it. (Perhaps because in real life, I am going to Saturday morning MuayThai Class! haha)

I ran to the scanner and wanted to take out my passport. 
But wait, I couldn’t FIND IT!!! WALAO! Not this time! Where was my damn passport! I took out all the cards in my backpack pocket. I saw my EzLink card only, NO SIGN OF PASSPORT!

The image of airplane taking off was flashing in my mind again. I was so so so MAD and ANGRY, shouted loudly, “WHY WHY WHYYYYY!!!”

Then I woke up. 
Haha. I had a weird dream again. That was a failed mission! But I think I would never rob someone in real life. LOL!!!
Love these funny dreams lah! 
Before it faded away, I hold the pieces of memory and wrote them down. 

Hope these dreams entertain you 🙂
I am going to write down all my weird dreams here in my blog! A DREAM Blogger! wohoo. Haha.

And my dreams got colors! Do you? Haha.

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