I am a Dreamer: Weird Zombie Dream!

A Wednesday Night! After tiring exercise, I took train back home with a friend. We talked about what nice movies to watch. Screening through the movie list on Cathay Cinema, I recommended Train to Busan and he suggested Don’t Breathe. Both are kind of horror movies. I seldom watch this type simply because I don’t wish to spend money to scare myself. 
Some more movies in Singapore are EXPENSIVE!!! LOL!

Cleaned myself and done bible study, I called it a day.
When I close my eyes… From there, it started.

When I opened my eyes, I heard people screaming and running around in a park. My brain told me: “I knew this is going to happen!”. Out of anxiety, I started to run forward with full strength as well. Suddenly a guy with blood on face and messy hard hold my hair and said: “It is time to follow mother’s order and become one of us”. Strong desire to live made me lie to him saying “I will but later a bit”. Then he agreed and let go of me. In his ripped shirt and horrific appearance, he continued his hunting. Obviously, he is a ZOMBIE!!! 

People were screaming, running and dying.

With pounding heart, I was escaping in full speed. I knew this would happen! I was running towards a small hill in the park. With crazy ability, I could jump over fence easily and effortlessly. “I knew this would happen!” I kept telling myself. While maneuvering a corner, I sensed this was the end of the world. Our world was going to be consumed by Zombies and That’s it! I kept blaming myself why I didn’t think of a safe place to hide before this happened!
Then, I suddenly thought of my family, they were not saved by Jesus yet, I should call them and get them pray together with me! 

Strangely, I picked up my phone and called my boss. I complaint to him in panting voice. “I knew this’s going to happen! We should bring that virus into our lab! I knew it!”, I told him.

Then my boss laughed loudly, “Garen, hahahaha”. Then he told me, “Garen, please take out the big red cherry in your pocket”. I did what he asked me to. I saw the big red cherry. Then he said: “You are dreaming lah!!!!” 

I woke up.

This was a dream. 
But I could feel my freezing feet and body shivering like real. 

I always have strange and imaginative dreams. Most of the time, my dreams are not logical and funny. I hate dreaming because it will make me tired. I love it because that is my most creative moment.
Love-Hate relationship with Dreaming. 

Hope my dream can be entertaining to others :p

I am a dreamer.
I dream everyday.

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