Mastering the Leadership – The Mousetrap way

Monday – It is a Toastmaster Day
I happily left office earlier and attended this energetic meeting. 
Feeling contented with lots of reading on, I mark myself 90% for time utilization today. The 10% is in the office when I feel disturbingly sleepy. 

Toastmaster meeting today is definitely a rewarding one.
It is about LEADERSHIP. 
And we are blessed by the workshop conducted by Manoj Vasudevan, one of the top 3 in Toastmaster international speech competition 2015.

Undoubtedly, his presentation brings this common topic alive.
The vocal variety, the engagement, the structure and etc colored his speech to a marvelous level.
It is entertaining to listen to him.

Ok, what is so great about the speech content? Of course the inspiring ways to leadership!
The speech is a short and sweet summary of his Book, 

Photo from

Yay! Not need to spend money to buy his book already! hahaha. Joke. I believe there are a lot of essence in his book. For example, why the Mousetrap way?

Some leaders are born to be one, but a lot of leaders learn to be one.
I have received 4 impactful ways to master leadership today.

Firstly, Ownership
“Ownership is the habit that leads to leadership
Leaders take initiative without directive!”

Hey, I am going to say, I can’t agree no more. This hits me so hard until I wake up and open my eyes big. Sorry for my exaggeration.
But truly, I somehow feel I am too slack in my work. When manager has nothing for me, then I just do nothing. Happily say good bye earlier. That’s why I feel my progress is so minimal. 
It is so true that, we shall take initiatives instead of a hammer and nail relationship.

Secondly, Confidence
“Competence is important, Confidence is Paramount.”

From my past experience in leadership, one thing I am lacking of is decisiveness. Being decisive is not easy for me, but I really do need to improve on this. The person with greater confidence has the upper hand. It reminds me the Henkel Challenge, people shouting their opinions loudly and confidently appear to be performing well, even though what they say are nonsense. Ok, not a positive example. 
Speaking with confidence can be magically convincing and persuasive. No Shaky, No Lousy.
But to remind myself, over-confidence is not a good thing. Everything needs to be in balance.

Thirdly, Idea Infusion
“Generating Ideas is not enough! Infuse the Ideas!”

You can have great ideas, but if you can’t infuse the idea to others, people just do not resonate with you and willing to follow you. I think this is very very very important.
There are 6 infusion points: Pleasure, Profits, Power, Productivity, Prestige and Purpose. The most important one is Purpose
To me, I agree with both legs that the purpose influences the most. If your idea has great purposes, it can easily link to people hearts and minds. Through this, the ideas flow from you to the others. In the same way, others are more receptive to your ideas. 

We are never too small to be Big
But are we ready to lead? 

Personally, to be a great leader, Commitment is extremely Important. Since all the leadership skills can be learnt, it left with one question. Can we stay committed until the end despite all the challenges and hurdles?

How about you? Are you ready to lead? 

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