Solo HongKong Trip: Reflect, Prepare, Entrust

As I shared before I am in the midst of changing my Job  From one place going to Another, it is the best to “KitKat” Take a Break. Once I confirmed I was going to have a week break, I booked air tix to HongKong without much hesitation! You might think, I am rich but in fact this is just small investment on myself, and who care about how you think about me? Haha, Joke XD. Oh ya, I forgot to mention, I went ALONE! Yay!!! HongKong!!!
22nd April, my last day in Sulzer. 23rd April, my flight to HongKong!!! (I don’t want to mention the worst experience with Scoot that they delayed the flight from 150am to 430am one week before and then to 510am on that day; no more scoot next time.
You may imagine I have planned the trip upfront, but actually, I planned nothing and didn’t know what I was going to do. Where to go, where to eat, how to go. I don’t know! Haha. So what I have done was, book the air tix and hostel.

Because from my experience, the hostel owner will give me some great advices. Hehe. Of course my colleagues and friends did give some rough ideas where can go and what I should take note (The extreme unleash of “18SX words” of HongKie)

I am not going to elaborate in detailed my itinerary here, may be next blog post. Travelling in HongKong is really Easy. Google Map and some online research will be sufficient. So I think HongKong is suitable for Solo Travelling, for girls too. Safe and convenient.
What I mainly do: Look for good food, Walk around and observe the people there, sit down in cafe and read book, blank my mind for hours facing the amazing HK night views (almost every night). It sounds boring and lonely? To me, not at all, I enjoyed so much. Here some photos 🙂
I love skyscrapers 
Night view of first day
Nightview of third day

Night view of last day in HongKong
Cider plus nigh view, perfect!

The purposes of escaping to HongKong alone are to reflect what I have done so far and prepare myself for the next challenge. I also take some time to think about my future too.
The awesome night views of HongKong island really give me a lot of inspitations and encouragement. When we look at the Skyscrappers, the tallest or the biggest will always catch our eyes first. It is similar to our lives. Are we outstanding enough to be noticed by other? Are we significant enough to contribute to the society? However, I don’t think I am capable to be the tallest building which impacts the world immensely. I just wanna be the colourful building which fulfills my missions on the Earth. Everyone lives with different purposes. Thankfully, I kinna know my direction in life =) God has shown me some light. 
Next job, a new platform for me to start a new stage of life. I will be working as front sales who deal with customers all the time and will be driven by the numbers. This excites me as I really love numbers that’s why I start my career with sales. I promise myself to give it 200% efforts and 200% commitment. Be it consumes my private time or weekends. It is true that I am still young to take all the hardship and tortures. I believe these will make me stronger and wiser. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”, I agree on this. My expectation towards myself has increased further, this will definitely make me feel the pain more when I fall. Positive side, this is the way I can improve myself drastically. 

I have my own goals and achievements as targets. I hope I can make it. 

1. Steep learning curves especially on interpersonal skills and communication skills.
2. Build strong networking and be known.
3. Be a TS.
4. A bold jump in 5 years. 

Hopefully my expectations can be met. Finger Cross. I am ready for it. I will conquer and bring back victory!!! Hahaha.

Thinking back to the first job, I did learn a lot

1. Separation technology, I love the plant design, it is fascinating and interesting. The Process Flow Diagram, Distillation columns and etc.
2. Less Haste, More Pace. Doing things slower can give better result with lesser carelessness and better efficiency. I tend to do things too fast and neglect the details. This is the biggest lesson and it is  really a tough learning for me. I should be more 细心.
3. Thoughts beyond the surface. Generating a quotation could be very easy, but strategies and thoughts behind it are far more important than the words. This is something I really wish I can master. 

I shall keep these in mind.

Future plan? Still in process. But I have incredible idea in mind. Not mature enough to share. Keep it between God and me. 

The hope, I hold, with God’s Grace, I will move forward and soar higher. Never forget, everything is for Him. Amen.

Tomorrow is the day. New working environment and new colleagues. I can only hope for the best. Stay positive. Yay!!! (Anyway, tomorrow going to meet customer with my boss… on first day! Steady lar)

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