Best Spots for Sakura In Tokyo, Japan

Allohaaa!!! Long time no Blog! 
It is April!!! What to do with April? Of course is Sakura lahh!!! Yay!!!

So today perhaps I can share with everyone, the three best spots to view Sakura in Tokyo, from my own perspective and experience! You can find super awesome and impressive Sakura Blossom here.

Sakura is so beautiful as we can see from pictures, videos and drama.
But standing under a sky of Sakura yourselves is definitely worth the time and money! 
Mesmerized and deeply impressed by the God’s creation!
As if we are in the Japanese animation or drama!!! So Coooollllll ~~~
The best viewing period is Very End of March to Early of April!!! Take note on this ya.
(I went there from 26th March 16 to 2nd April 16 – and I see most of the Sakura on 1st and 2nd April in Tokyo)

Ok so, First of all, drummmmmm rollll,

Shinjuku Gyeon National Garden 

What are the specialties here:
1. One of the Best Places in Tokyo to see Sakura Blossom.
2. Large and beautiful landscape. 
3. Sakura with lots of different Varieties! White, Red and Pink colours!
4. Near to Shinjuku Station and Shinjuku Shopping Streets! (Big Plus point)
5. Best place to picnic under the Sakura Trees
6. Extended Sakura Blossom viewing season (Mid March to late April). You can see Sakura here even you miss the peak period 🙂

However, 200 Yen admission fee is required. No worry, definitely worth it! 

Pictures say a thousand words and powerfully. So, let’s have some photos!

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden– Sakura Blossom

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom – White Sakura vs Red Sakura

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom
Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom – The most impressive Sakura Tree I have ever seen!

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom – Surrounded by the aweosome Sakura

Shinjuku Gyeon Natural Garden – Sakura Blossom

How to get there?
Google Map – The best Approach 
Address : 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0014, Japan

Nearest Stations:
Shinsen-Shinjuku Subway Station or
Shinjuku Main Station (JR ot Subway)

Ueno Park

Ueno park is the most popular and romantic Sakura Blossom location! 

1. There are more than 1000 Sakura trees lining a central pathway. So imagine you walk with your family or spouse slowly along the pathway under the Sakura Trees! Wonderful. I call this “A sky of Sakura!”
2. An awesome place for picnic as there are dedicated picnic places there.
3. Free of Charge! No admission fee.
4. Some nice temples and museums around. I didn’t visit any of them because my time was fully occupied by Sakura! Sorry. haha

Ueno Park – Cheery Blossom

Ueno Park – Cheery Blossom

Ueno Park – Cheery Blossom

Ueno Park – Cheery Blossom

How to get there?
Nearest Station:
Ueno Station (Subway or JR)

Chidorigafuchi Park

Sakura Blossom along the river. Water and Flower form a lovely combination! And you can walk under the sakura trees. The trees are not tall so you can take awesome pictures with Sakura here!

Free of Charge as well!!!

Chidorigafuchi Park – Sakura Blossom

Chidorigafuchi Park – Sakura Blossom

Of course as an energetic kid, Jumping style is a MUST!

Chidorigafuchi Park – Sakura Blossom – YAY!!!!!

Chidorigafuchi Park – Sakura Blossom

How to go Chidorigafuchi Park?
Nearest Station:
Hanzomon Station (Subway)

Why Malaysia and Singapore no Sakura!?? T.T
Sakura blossom is really mesmerizing and breathtaking. You will feel joyful and upsurge of relaxation. Walking under those Sakura will definitely brighten your day. 
Besides, if you are a camera freak or lover, please don’t miss out the opportunities to capture flowery photos!

Oh ya, there is a Great website that can help you in your Travel Research which is:
Hope what I share here can give you an idea where to have wonderful Sakura viewing locations in Tokyo. All places above are really the perfect spots for Sakura! Trust me! You can see how impressed we are:

Sakura Blossom
Plan for your trip Next Year! Japan! April! Sakura Blossoms!

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