Keep Getting Inspired, Motivation to Move Forward

Ladies and Gentlemen, to improve my English writing, I have decided to write blog more frequently and enthusiastically.
Thinking what to write is challenging especially I feel so sleepy now. Ok. Let’s share about an inspiring Video from TEDx. Thanks my friend KayNe for introducing me this motivational speech.
Please spend some time to watch and get inspired by a 12 years old boy. Never look down a youth, as they have the most potentials! haha. I am a youth too. Only 24. Sorry~ 
In summary, never try never know! Fear has stopped us way too much!

Undeniably we live in a structured world and society. Our destinies are seemed to be framed nicely. Grow up, get good grades, get good job, get good wife, get good kids, get good retirements and get good graveyard. Oops. 
On this path of framed life, we are indirectly nurtured to be afraid of doing something different (of course not applicable to everyone). Imagine when a friend tells you, he/she wants to quit degree before the final paper, Or she/he wants to be a barista even though holding a scroll of medical certificate on hand, Or she/he wants to quit right before a promotion to be head of department, 
what first goes into your mind. 

For me, first impression: “What a WASTE!

Yup, I believe that is (almost) everyone’s reaction. Agree? Raise up your legs please. 

Thanks to our great successful businessman like Bill Gate, they give the world example that different path doesn’t mean destined failures. Everyone love this kind of inspiring stories. 

When seeing others getting so awesome after they have chosen the road not taken, you will feel impressed and think nothing is impossible. 
will you act like them? 

It comes back to, when you see a wonderful opportunity that requires your sacrifices, are you willing to TRY?
Like the Little Red Dot described by Daniel in the video.
 Think about it.

You might say “I am waiting the miraculous opportunity to come to me”. Then please do grab some popcorn and coke, sit and wait, until you lose all your energy to do the powerful JUMP.

Opportunity can be created by you, with your own hands. You do not need to wait until the apple drops and knocks your head. Explore the world more and rip out all the hidden treasures. 
TRY, with your best, to discover your limitless potentials and run joyfully towards your goals.   

This short blog serves a reminder for me. Hope it also triggers some thoughts in your mind.
I hope I can keep getting inspired and with the flaming heart, I can move towards my goals. Anticipate my powerful jump, to a ground that I feel satisfied and proud of myself. 

Remember that, dream is merely a dream if you didn’t work it out. 
Actions speaks always louder than words. 

Let’s enjoy the journey of pursuing our dreams.
God Bless Us All.

Good night. 


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