Walking in The Merlion City – Singapore !

OK! I have to Admit being Unemployed is Somehow Super Boring Xia Xia ~ Haha. I wanted to go far far far away during this precious period. 
But at the end Can’t go anyway, no one accompanies to Bangkok, I have decided to have a walk in Singapore. Actually the decision is made after persuaded by Mr Fendy. 

People thought I go there to work, actually just walk walk nia haha. 

Fendy and I met during the Korea Exchange back in 2012. We are good friends since then. One of Few that I Keep in Touch with. 

After some planning and some surveys on Facebook, there are some conclusions…

Cheapest Hostel is The Prince of Wales Hostel@ Little India (18 SGD only – But this is a promotion in August)

The Cheapest Ticket for USS is less than 60 SGD (through some secret contacts, BUT unfortunately the cheap tickets are all SOLD OUT!!! Due to Hot season!)  So I brought the Maybank promo tickets using Maybank debit card with 63 SGD each (through their website) and free one photo. 

Qoo10 – Mobile Online Shopping Apps is a good place to get cheap deal too =)

OK! Let’s the Journey Begin! (21 August – 24 August 2014)

Take 3 hours bus to Larkin Terminal from Bukit Gambir and around 1 hour to reach Little India, Singapore.
I rush like crazy in the Kastam ( Write white card and Chop Passport ) – Everyone is moving like WIND! Terribly Fast – Like Rush to get GOLD in Singapore!!!

Finally I have met this GUY from INDONESIA!!! After 2 years time, Long time No See XD
Mr Fendy requests to visit the National Museum of Singapore after his arrival. WHAT? Museum? Not my cup of tea BUT Ok to pay a visit there Because it is Free after 6 pm. =D

There is a mysterious Stair Case in National Museum! I just google it, it is Listed in The Enduring Ghost Story in Singapore! hahaha… Hopefully the photos taken by Fendy do not have “sth” extra inside. So i better Don’t post the photo here HAHA XD (actually I didn’t take it la)

After Cheap dining in canteen of SMU (a University), we have a short walk on Orchard Road and then departed to Marina Bay Sand. 

The Night view of the skyscrapers nearby is Stunning! I love it so much. It excites and makes me wish to WORK already! Feel so Good to work in beautiful office huh!? Haha

Then, we enjoy the air cond in The Marina Shoppes and Marina Bay Sand hotel. There is a observation corner beside the hotel to see the Garden By The Bay. The colourful artificial gigantic trees in The garden changes colours consistently, they are very beautiful. I love the windy environment at there too. So relaxing! 

Oh ya! That day is my FIRST TIME to enter the Casino in my life!!! hahaha. wohoo. What i like most is not the gambling (I don’t Gamble), but FREE carbonated drink and coffee !!! hahahaha… When feeling thirsty, can go in there o =P

The next thing that everyone cannot miss out is The Water and Light Show ( Wonder Full ). It is performed on the lake just outside the Marina Shoppes. There are seats and the show is really HD + awesome! I like it very much! Create something wonderful out from a very ordinary lake! Bravo!
Long time didn’t walk for long distance, it makes me super tired =.=
So we head back to hostel after the show ~

There is a small living room outside the dorm in POW hostel. We sit down there and head down for phone! After awhile, there is an indian friend starts a “Hallo” conversation with the other 2 Americans at there. Of course I join in! We have a wonderful talking time and share a lot of things. Most of them are new to me! hahaha. I know too little already! New friends but we have talked around 3 hours! Wohoo! I love talking to new friends (But actually I am the listener, they are really too good in talking hahaha)

1.00 am already! It is time to sleep! Next day will be an exciting day. 

Because we are going to Universal Studio Singapore!!!

Due to heading to collect the ticket for Garden By the Bay, we are LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
OMG! WHOLE WORLD is queuing to ENTER USS already!!! JUST LATE FOR 40 MIN only. PEOPLE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE SEE already! So SAD!!!
10.40 am~

First thing to do after go in is to redeem the free photo voucher. 
After that STRAIGHT Rush To the 
Transformer Ride
But unfortunately! we need to wait for 1 and a Half hour!!!!!!!!
Almost fainted already. So terrible! But still this is the main point of the USS, Just Queue ba~~~

Luckily I am not alone, chit chat with Fendy makes me not so bored. Haha. The queue is very 贱 (Cheating)!When I think the queue is going to end, but still a long way to go!!! OMG =.=

But for sure, the long wait is totally WORTHY! The ride is DAMN Amazing!!! It is a 4D ride. Sit on a small roller coaster and move. The 3D effect and the movement on the Ride are SO SO SO SO REAL! O.O
WAO!!! Even though it is a 3-4 minutes Ride, I like it extremely much! So wish to try again, but the forever long queue stops me =.=

Actually the design of USS is quite fantastic. I love the Euro and the States de feel, the Hollywood street, and the buildings. Feeling like travel to a Non-Asia country. 

Never forget to mention The second BEST ride will be the Mummy Roller Coaster!!!
It is a indoor roller coaster, quite short but FUN. 
Unfortunately we also queue for 1 and 15 min for it! Haiz!!! just for the one min ride XD
But it is a MUST-TRY ride in USS!
(remember to sit at the left-est or right-est seat ya – It is more EXCITING!)
P/S: Before we leave USS, we take the ride again and the main point is, the waiting time is only 20 min =.=

Of course the design of the mummy zone is full of ancient stuff. Typical. haha

Next station will be the Jurassic Park. For me, nothing so exciting la. if no queue can try all things there. haha.

After the dinosaurs, it is time for fairy tales! 
Far Far Castle 

There is a 4D short film adventure. It is also a MUST-TRY in USS. 
You will be seated like in cinema, BUT
the chair will move following the film and you will get WET! haha. Because they spray (little) water on us. and MIST too.

Other than all the rides and adventure, there are some SHOWs too. Remember to get a show list (got show time on it) from the counter. 
There are transformer, dinosaur, Madagascar and other live shows.
But I only watch the Transformer show. Haha. The show actually serves as a Photo-shooting session with the characters only. =D
We settle our dinner at the MALAYSIA FAMOUS FOOD COURT beside the USS (Left side of the main entrance)
They serve a lot of Malaysia food, just, not tasty one. The so called Klang Bak Kut Teh there is totally a Singapore Style Bak Kut Teh and not tasty at all. I don’t know others lar~ 
I believe this is a place to get cheap food and humiliating Malaysia Food as well haha XD 

Tips to visit USS
1. Go on Mon-Thurs
2. Arrive before 10 am
3. Don’t bring bags! (some rides cannot bring bags along)
4. Water dispensers are everywhere inside
5. Go Transformer first -> Mummy Ride -> Jurassic Park -> Far Far Castle -> Madagascar (this is the Normal route)

Unfortunately the outdoor roller coaster is shut down and new one is being built. So wait until both open only Go. haha

My legs feel damn pain after visit to USS, long stand and walk torture my beloved legs too much hahaha.

Oh well… Skip everything to the next station after USS, 
The ChinaTown
Not my first time but here really can get nice food yo~
I call it a day. Time to rest~~~ 

The next day we head to the typical tourist spot — The Merlion
Yeah, nothing special, haha
The second typical location is the Garden By the Bay
This is a Great place to go actually. The big artificial trees are free to visit! Remember this! haha

The Garden is a place to buy flower and enjoy the beauty of the nature. 
But if you wish to walk on the bridge (OCBC bridge), 5 SGD will be charged. There is a restaurant on one of them as well (Expensive stuff). XD

There are 2 air-conditioned indoor gardens: Dome Garden and Cloud Forest.
Unfortunately, you need to pay to enter. I brought at discounted price from Qoo10. 
No regret to enter these 2 places! because of the AIR-COND! hahaha. The big hot day, air-cond is what we need! Besides that the plants and flowers inside are worth a visit too. There is a variety of flowers and trees displayed. The nice scenery + the cool air = Perfect! haha. I like it. 
It will be better if I can read my book inside there. Syoknye~~~

Dome Garden:

Cloud Forest:
For food, there is an affordable hawker centre there, named Satay By the Bay. The food there is quite OK =D

After the garden, we go to the Ocean park in Sentosa. Nothing interesting, because it is included in the package, so we go there lo. Purposely go there for Dolphin show only. hehe

Oright, Dinner time. Fendy dates his girl friend from Indonesia to meet up at Orchard Road. XD
She is a nice girl, beautiful as well. Haha. 
But Fendy suddenly becomes so Energetic after meeting her. Hormone effect or ??? haha actually he said he can speak Indonesia language with her, so he feels comfortable and homed! Oisee~

The best part is, we brought super Cheap Monopod (3 SGD only) haha XD
We talk a lot about Jakarta. They take 2 hours to go work and 3 hours to go home after working EVERYDAY!. All thanks to the terrible traffic there X.X oops, KL some time is better leh~ Haha

Time flies! Fendy is going back to Indonesia liao~ Before 6 am on the next day, he left the hostel already. Me? of course continue to sleep lor. haha. 

After having simple breakfast with 2 beautiful German, I depart to the next interesting place – City Harvest Church!!!

You know?! The church is in a Shopping Mall! It is in a convention center! Oh my Gosh! What a blessed and huge church! haha. 
I join the chinese service and guess who I meet. 
The pastor who giving sermon is Rev. Gu! from 台湾 新生命小组教会 !!! I have seen him 3 times in Taiwan. So 有缘 haha. His sermon teaches us, everyone has very own purpose on this earth! We shall live out what God wants us to do – Glorify and honour His name.  
I also meet Pastor Kong from CHC. He is having law suit. Google it ba. Pray for him. 
I super like their praise and worship. So touching my heart~~~ Tears pop out pula =.= haha… Bravo!

After the church, it is time for lunch! I date my brother and tell him that “I am super duper pekchek / bored with Hawker Food!” I want something expensive!!! hahahaha

He brings me to a shopping mall in Jurong East. We have western food, pasta and pizza. I love the environment of the restaurants, Foods are so so only. Don’t know why so many people inside. XD

We chit chat happily for 3 hours I think, then it is time for me to leave Singapore liao. Big thanks for my bro for the treat o ❤

Bye bye Singapore!!! 

Stupid me, taken a wrong bus and gone to JB. haha… Actually I wanna go Larkin larrrr hahaha. Funny!

The trip to the sophisticated, advanced and clean Singapore makes me wish to work there sooooo much! haha. I like there. Pray hard for a job offer. so far no one wants me. GG.com

The trip also lets me meet up with my long lost friend, Fendy. We have a great time together! hehe =D #BFF

The trip also spice up my boring life at home as well. haha. 

Anticipating the next trip (KL)
I wanna watch movies non-stop and talk non-stop! hahaha.

God bless me to get a job asap ba. Getting stressful for being unemployed already. T.T

Somehow, I miss out to blog about my Europe Trip, I should write about it someday as a wonderful memory~~~
Have Excellent days ahead~~~ =D

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