Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈

This time I am on The Journey to Tai Nan.
Whenever We go Travelling, First thing to settle is : WHERE TO STAY? O.o


Tips for all backpackers, the website where can find a lot of Backpacker Hostels is:
You can find Backpacker Hostels in Taiwan and The World too^^


But, after google-ing, I have found A Great Tainan Backpacker hostel in Tainan :

Dodoro Backpacker


Address:No.79, Xinxing Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan 


价位:大约 NST 400(请询问店主)
联络方式:Email or Call  0930 555 501
The owner is a really nice guy, feel free to contact him^^ 

OK, Let’s have a tour in DodoroBackpacker
DodoroBackpacker 之旅 
(REAL Situation)
This is the entrance ^^ Please remember to call the owner before arriving ya. So that they can bring you to here. hehe. 

Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
Door after the door. haha
Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
 After entering the 2nd door, you will see this on your right hand side. Nice chair with mini table. Not to forget the Notice board and “Love Letter Board” ^^ 

Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
Left hand side with bar table or their counter. Payment, Keys and others can be done there. 
Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
Shao Ling Kong Fu Note books? Can learn here? haha No la, you can leave some words here. 

Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
 Another door ? hehe, Inside will be the Rooms for backpackers!!! Yeah, “zzz time”^^
Dodoro Backpacker – Tainan。 台南背包客栈
Small living rooms with beautiful decorations. 
There is a very special corner. Books and Things exchange corner~ hehe. You can exchange things here hoho. 特别之处:书籍和货物交换处。^^

Climb up the little stair case, we can see another book shelf here. Switch on romantic light and enjoy reading here. The feeling is SO GREAT!!! hehe。爬上小阶梯,看到的是小小书房。书香扑鼻,怎能不好好在这阅读呢??? 哈哈

Kitchen/厨房. Store something in Refrigerator and eat whenever we want. hiak hiak
How about Night View? haha
什么?有夜景!哈哈 (好漂亮!)

重头戏!!!Main Point is here. The room:
Neat and Clean. Most important Comfortable ^^ (I stay in another room, enjoy resting there too ^^)

There is another unique place here. hehe
After this corridor~~~
Relaxing Book Room… Read and Relax here. hoho
Personal View:
The design here is Awesome. Unique and effortful decoration makes this Tai Nan Backpacker Hostel a great place to stay. I am warmly welcomed by the people here too. The service I love the most is, they provide us a Tai Nan map !!! There are tourism spots marked on it. Wonderful. I rent a bicycle with NST 100 only and ride to everywhere I want. Wohoo~~~ hehe. Tai Nan people are easy-going and friendly of course. haha Like Like Like!


So, if you need Affordable Tai Nan Backpacker Hostel, Choose DodoroBackpacker.
LIKE DodoroBackpacker’s Facebook,来给个赞吧


Come Up next will be My Journey in Tai Nan, Wait for the blog post ya. hehe

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