Taiwan Tai Chung Trip – 台中之旅

Weekend!!! Whoraeeee~~~ 
Weekend = Hang Out days XD

The very first Weekend, we go Tai Chung (The Middle of Taiwan)
Took bus from Chung Cheng University to TaiChung, NST 130.
3 Malaysian and 1 French Trip ~ Tehee

The Three Malaysians:

After arrive Tai Chung, we just walk around Tai Chung Railway Station.
And Unexpectedly, we see a super long queue for ICE-CREAM! Omg… Ice cream only lor, is this necessary? So Long Queue~

This is the Famous Shop lar – 宫原眼科 冰淇泠

A variety of Ice Cream Choices. Special Chocolate favour, Tea, and many more~~~
They offer 1, 2 or 3 scoops or Family package.  

The Ice Creams in the Refrigerator~ Looks Yummy especially under the Big Hot Sun! haha

That’s it! 2 Scoops and Free 3 extra items <We have banana (because I Love Minions), Cheese Cake and Pineapple cake>. Looks very tasty right? haha… Actually it tastes Good and we enjoy the chill of the Ice-Cream. haha

Just beside the Ice-Cream shop, there is another Shop under the same company. It sells traditional cakes, biscuit, chocolate and etc. The design inside is awesome and beautiful~ So we just go in and walk around. Haha. I believe the shops cooperate well with Travel Agents and that’s why many tourists visits there. Good tactic! haha
They use Woods as book and create the Old-school feel. They sell Wife cake, chocolate biscuits and others.
Then Finally Sylvain joins us and gives us a ride to 
Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村)
Many people not recommend me to go there, but since we are in Tai Chung, Let’s go and have a look on the famous tourist spot ba~ It is a mini village painted with all kinds of colours. Adorable and colourful wonder land.

There is a small stall selling some souvenirs. The uncle inside the photo below is the Rainbow Uncle who paints the whole village. wao. hehe


This is a real man o, not painted one. XD

We spent around 15 minutes I think, bye bye rainbow village. It is raining liao~ ;p

Next Stop, we visit a temple(天后宫). It is gigantic. haha…  
The view inside~ 

After the temple, we still have a lot of time, so we choose to visit the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. ^^ The views there are relaxing, Nice building and welcoming greenery. It is freeeeee entrance. yeah~

There are a lot of exhibitions inside the museum, Not open for Photos hehe. It is a nice place to walk around lar. Artistic yet enjoyable.

After that, it is time to check in Homestay in Tai Chung or 台中民宿
Thanks God I manage to book a homestay one day before our trip since Summer is a hot season to travel in Taiwan. 


Located near to Tai Chung Botanical Garden or at 台中 北区 健行路 764 号 

Just Email Pollex to book the room at pollux888@yahoo.com.tw
It is just a place for Sleep and Bath~ haha… Photos: 

Rooms (Boys and Girls are separated) :
Tai Chung Homestay or hostel – 台中民宿

Rest and Go!
Next station: 逢甲夜市 (FengJia Night Market)
Full of Foods and Shops. There are cheap cloths, shoes and many more. Food are countless there too. haha. This is definitely a Must-Go-Places in Tai Chung. Yeah~

And I cannot help myself from buying 2 shirts at NST 350 only. haha… oops, over budget liao XD

It is time to sleep and I call it a day~ 

 @ ^_____________________________________^ @

The Second day (Sunday)
Sunday- we must go Church right? haha
So we choose the most beautiful Church in Tai Chung – 
Tung Hai University Christian Church
路思義教堂 (东海大学基督教会)

Super Beautiful Church. I love it so much!

Exterior of the Luce Church/Tung Hai University Christian Church
 Blue sky and Green land make the church even Impressive… ^^

Interior of the Luce Church/Tung Hai University Christian Church
After the service,
Closer look:

People also take wedding photos there. This means there is really Awesome. haha

Church info:

How to Go Tung Hai University Christian Church?
Take bus and Just Stop at 荣縂站. Many buses will go there de o. I took Bus number 88.
The main entrance is just opposite of A Hospital and it looks like this:
(After entering the University, just walk straight to the Church. hehe) 

Ok, After the majestic church, it is time for lunch and shopping~ 
We go 一中商圈 (Yi Zhong Street)
There is another shopping heaven, Chia-Wen and Dannee love there. haha

A huge and crowded place. Everyone loves there. haha.

While I go Da Keng Scenery Area (大坑风景区) 
I took bus to there but it seems not so suitable as it is going to rain soon. So it is better to have vehicle to go there ya. Never mind I have tried some special food there. 仙草芋圆. There is a long queue as well, that’s why I eat. haha. Taste OKOK only. ;p

Who knows, the most famous one is at the end of the street. I just discover it after I brought the Big Cup of 仙草。haha. But my friend said it is not tasty also. XD
Tactic with travel agents again. haha


I come back and join Dannee them in Mcd. Mcd is still the cheapest in Malaysia. Wakaka.
After dinner, before going back, we saw a Fantastic Rainbow! haha. So Obvious one. hehe

I also brought the famous “Sun Biscuit Cake”/太阳饼 back to Lab for my colleagues lar. hehe

The End of our trip. Have to plan for the next already. haha… Must Finish all the places in Taiwan. Feeling Determined. hehe. Just the money problem. oops. Ok la. Back to work liao~~~ 

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