Chapter 15 : Jeju Island (济州岛) – Must-Go Places in Jeju-do(济州必去之地)


Jeju-do or  Jeju Island (济州岛)
It is the most famous and worth-to-visit place in KOREA. ^^
Here is where you can see God’s amazing work on this Earth. Wonderful, Natural and Impressive!
Where to go in Jeju island? 济州哪里好去处?
Let’s Explore!!!
I go with my Best Friend, Matthew^^
自然界的经典,就在济州岛啦~ ~ ~
First of all, Choose the best and cheapest Flight to the lovely Island.
Budget Flights to Jeju island From Seoul (直达济州的廉价航空):
1. Ester Jet
2. Jeju Air
3. Jin Air (only in Korean)
4. T’way Air (only in Korean)
5. AirBusan
Air Tickets are extremely Expensive during in Summer 😦 {around 80 Dollars one way}
But, If you book earlier, then there are aplenty of promotions. ^^
Next, what we need to do is Book a Nice Guest House (在济州选着民宿就对啦)
We chose Yeha GuestHouse椰哈民宿
It is just Beside Bus Terminal of Jeju City, so it is very convenient for us to take Bus to round the Island.
Yeha GuestHouse 6 in 1 Room椰哈民宿
Yeha GuestHouse Room Toilet椰哈民宿

Few things to take note when Backpack to Jeju Island :
1. Know Korean Language is better, especially taking Bus, Bus Map only in Korean >,<)
2. Prepare enough Money, as we have to take taxis all the time.
3. Get ready with Map, You can just show the map Taxi Drivers or Bus Ticket Seller to let them know the place you want to go
4. Sun Block if you go during Summer! haha

1. 懂得韩文最好啦,巴士地图都只有韩文。不懂就比手画脚吧。哈哈
2. 钱钱钱!常常得搭德士。
3. 地图:不懂说韩文,就给德士司机/售票员看你要去哪里咯。
4. 防晒油:夏天很热,会变黑,哈哈。

Okie, let’s look at the places we have been ^^ 
Must-Go Places in Jeju Island ( 济州-必去之地!!!)

1. Yongduam Rock(龙头岩)


Yongduam Rock is a place where Black Rocks are all over the sea shore.
The Dragon Head-like Rock as shown in below is the attractive point of Yongduam Rock!


 Yongduam Rock is just in Jeju City, So take a taxi and go there ^^ Enjoy the Dragon Head in Black ya.
Entrance = FOC(入场免费)
Transport (交通): Taxi
2. Sarabong Park (纱羅峯公园) 
Why come to the Park? Hehe… You will know soon… Jump:
From this Sarabong Park, you can see the whole Jeju City. It is a hill and you need to exercise to the top^^
Here is where Jeju people do Exercise lar.


Pattern Banyak, Too tired liao gua, haha



Here come de Main Point! 重点:
SunSet!!! 日落!!!
Sunset @ Jeju Island, Korea
Here is one of the Best Locations in Jeju City to Watch Sun Set ^^
享受黄昏最佳之地。Yeah~ ~ ~
Sunset @ Jeju Island, Korea
Sunset @ Jeju Island, Korea
Entrance = FOC(入场免费)
Transport (交通): Taxi
We have Dinner in Guksu Geori (Noodle Street) 面街
The noodles there is GOOD!!! Tasty!!! 那儿的面,很好吃!!!
Sadly, At night, nothing to do, So prepare for the Next day … hehe
Provided by Yeha Guesthouse, self-service (自助式早餐)


Okie, Travel in Jeju, We need to divide the trip into Right side and Bottom of The island.
Bus Stop Map 巴士地图:
(As you see, all in Korean, 全都是韩语 *O*)
Never Mind, Just Show the Map and Location you want to go to the Ticket Counter.
3. Manjanggul Lava Tube(万丈窟)
This Manjanggul Tube is formed due to the lava from the volcano in Jeju Island.
By the Way, Jeju is a Volcano Island. Haha… The Explosion formed a lot of majestic places in Jeju ^^
Manjanggul Lava Tube entrance
It is freezing Cold inside the tube!>,< But we enjoy very well!!! haha
Manjanggul Lava Tube
Manjanggul Lava Tube
Few lights to lead the way ^^ 1 km journey in dark and cold tunnel cave… hehe… Syoknya!!!
Manjanggul Lava Tube is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage ^^
Manjanggul Lava Tube Entrance:
Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Bus then Taxi


4. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak 城山日出峰
Here is another UNESCO World Heritage place in Jeju.
Ilchulbong peak is also formed by the Volcano too ( If not mistaken )
Here is the best place to enjoy the Sunrise, But I miss it as Sun rises at around 4-5am during Summer.
在城山日出峰 ,可以看到超美的日出,听说的啦。哈哈
I love this place! Strong Wind, Fantastic views and super relaxing.
强风 与 美景,还有美男?哈哈。。。呕?


Of course, we need to put some effort to get the Great thing! That’s Climb the stairs!!! around 180m height!
美好的事物是有代价的,超长的阶梯在等着我们呢。累 @@
 First Photo shows the place from a very high altitude, actually we can only see this at top:


All the sweat and energy are worthy, the view from the top is marvellous!
Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Bus then Taxi


Next Next,
5. Seopjikoji 涉地可支
Tourist Spot along the Sea Shore. Here is the Filming location of “All In”.
There is a Lighthouse there too ^^
Seopjikoji Church 涉地可支 教堂


Seopjikoji 涉地可支
 Entrance Fee(入场费) : FOC (免费)
Transport (交通): Taxi from Ilchulbong Peak


6. Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
Here, you can calm your mind really effectively.
Endless Green Field and Soothing Wind will make all your cells to relax. Emmmm…
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
There is a big special Depressed area too. Full Greenery.
那里有凹下去的一个大地方,长满青草,很特别+漂亮 ^^
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
Sangumburi Crater 山君不离
  Entrance Fee(入场费) : 6000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Bus
The End of One Day ^^ Night…
7. Jeongbang waterfall(正房瀑布)
This waterfall is Special as the water flows into the sea straight away ^^
Jeongbang waterfall(正房瀑布)
Jeongbang waterfall(正房瀑布)
Jeongbang waterfall(正房瀑布)
 Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Bus then Taxi
8. Cheongjiyeon Waterfall 天地渊瀑布
This Waterfall is also one of the Top 3 Waterfall in Jeju ^^


Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Taxi From Jeongbang Waterfall
Next Stop is
9. Oedolgae 独立岩
There is a very special rock at seashore:


Oedolgae 独立岩
Here is also a filming place for Dae Jang Geum too ^^
在这隔壁是电视剧 “大长今” 拍摄地点。
 Entrance Fee(入场费) : FOC (免费)
Transport (交通): Taxi
10. Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff 
Extraordinary Rocks can be observed here, along the Seashore.
The rocks are all in columnar shape. hehe


 Too hot already, Matthew closed his eyes… haha
Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff 
  Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2000 Won per person
Transport (交通): Taxi
11. Cheongjeyeon Waterfall 天帝渊瀑布
This Waterfall is really a must-go Waterfall in Jeju island. 必去的瀑布. 
There are 3 waterfalls here. BUT Do Not go the Third Waterfall as you need to climb a lot of stairs and you see nothing and not worth to waste the energy… >o<
The Second Waterfall is nice and majestic:
Cheongjeyeon Waterfall 天帝渊瀑布
The last and the most unique one here! The First Waterfall is at the top!
Calm water but creates the huge waterfalls at the bottom.
Cheongjeyeon Waterfall 天帝渊瀑布
The Unique wall of the waterfall.
Cheongjeyeon Waterfall 天帝渊瀑布


  Entrance Fee(入场费) : 2500 Won per person
Transport (交通): Taxi
12. Jungmun Beach 中文沙滩


Jungmun Beach 中文沙滩
 The Beach is beautiful and the wave is strong.
There are quite a number of people surf here too ^^


Jungmun Beach 中文沙滩
  Entrance Fee(入场费) : FOC (免费)
Transport (交通): Taxi  Or walk from Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
12 must-visit places in Jeju island!!!
There are a lot more ^^
I enjoy pretty much. It will be much better if we go in Spring or Fall. haha… At least the Sun is not that strong. Jeju island is a comfortable place with all the magnificent views.
12 个济州必去之地(还有更多呢)。

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