Chapter 13 : Myeong-dong 明洞 – Korea Crazy Shopping Hot Spot

I know it is a bit late. But I really wish to write about this wonderful Shopping Street.
What actually is Myeong-dong About?
Myeong-dong is an extremely Famous Shopping Area in Seoul, Korea.
As you can see from the map above.. There are thousands of Shops inside this little District ^^
Natural Republic, Missha, Tonymoly, TheFaceShop, Etude House, etc (Cosmetics)
Fashion? To name a few, Forever21, NewBalance, and Many MORE!!!
Food, Street Stuff, Promotions, Free Duty Shop are all Here!
Let’s have a look of Real Situation of Myeong-dong.
People Mountain People Sea!!!


Crowded and it is Full of People!!!


Tourists love to come to Myeong-dong…
You can bankrupt if You cannot control in here… So be careful^^


How to go Myeong-dong?
1. Bus.
2. Subway (Line 2 to Euljilo (1)-ga Station)
(Line 4 to Myeong-dong Station)
Here is really a highly recommended place for Cosmetic and Fashion Items Purchase ^^
Everything is in there… Just Go and Have Fun…
Although the things there are not the cheapest ^^
To be continued…

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