Chapter 12 : Nami Island,Korea – Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata, 冬季恋歌
I believe most of people are familiar with this Korean Drama right?
It is so famous and well known! haha
So, I go to visit the filming venue!
Nami Island
How to go Nami Island?
First of all Take Subway to the station named Cheongyangni station (Jungang line),  
Finally, Take another train to Gapyeong Station (KyeongChun line).
Search the Subway Map then you will know^^
Once we come out from the Railway Station, we take a taxi to port, cost around 5000 won.
Next time we need to do is, Buy a passport/entry Visa + Ferry to the Nami Island.
 It just costs 8000Won, you can stay in the island as long as you want ^^


There are a lot of people rushing to visit the Beautiful Island ^^
The Views from the Ferry make us so excited to get down and walk around the Island!
There is Malaysia Flag on the Ferry too^^
There it is ! The Nami Island.
Crowded with Korean and Foreign Visitors. Hehe.
The scenery is so attractive and breathtaking.
You will feel relaxing from your head to your toe. haha
Trees there are so gigantic and have various types.
Green field there will make you feel that you are embraced by the mother of nature for real one!
Remember to charge your camera!
Here is a marvellous place for photography!



The island is well maintained and designed.
Nice and impressive scenery is everywhere ^^ hehe



The exciting activity you can carry out there is ~ Bicycling!
Cost = 3000 Won for 30 min
5000 Won for 1 hr.
It is worthy!!! Cycling at there is so enjoyable. The calming wind and scenery are super complements to cycling. Take one hour and enjoy till Max ^^


We stop at some places and take photos^^
It is a great enjoyment and experience!
I highly recommend to cycle at there^^ hehe


It seems sooooo familiar to you ?
Nami island’s selling point!
Yup! Here is the hottest and most beautiful scenery in Winter Sonata ^^
It is summer, that’s why the trees are all Green^^
In Fall and Winter, it will be a totally distinct view ^^


Here they are, Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo
How can we miss the chance to … (Wahaha)



Okie, One more!!!
There are another models near there.
( hehe, Photos time)
We have spent around 4 hours…
Walking Slowly with the soothing wind, chit-chatting under Tall trees, Cycling with wonderful scenery.


 And it is time to say Good Bye ^^
Nami Island is really a fantastic place to get away from the busy city.
Slow pace +  beautiful natural surrounding ~
Thanks Guys, for inviting me to join the trip! I am not regret to wake up so early for Nami Island.
Suggestions ^^
The Journey to there is really long~ Please go with Friends or Bring Something to entertain you ^^
Remember to Bring Food and Picnic there! It will be a Great Experience and supreme enjoyment! (Food in there is Expensive. Oops)
Remember to use Sunblock if you go in summer ^^ hehe
I believe Nami Island in Fall will be the Best ( As Malaysia is full of Green Trees, I want bright orange Leaves! haha)
To be continued…

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