Chapter 10 : Crazy Trip to Busan, Korea

Yeah~~~ Busan!!! Korea!!!
Second largest City in Korea. Wahaha..Thanks God I have the opportunity to explore there^^
I go there from Seoul with Free Shuttle Bus.
If you want more about the Free bus , you can go to here.
Hehe, I am alone, but I do not feel Lonely, hehe… Is this my Merit? haha
First of all I wish to introduce this place.
Busan Cinema Center

Why I recommend? It is because there is something interesting’s going on.
But I think it is only for a certain period.
I love it so much!!!
Movie Characters Models Exhibition

Check it out. hehe…
Spiderman… Argh, you are amazing one or not the amazing one? O.o Haha
Screaming~~~  … Terminator!!! So real… O.O

Then this is my favourite!!! 
Predator Vs Alien!!!
Predator. Look Extremely authentic.
Alien, Sooooo fantastic!!! Argh!!! Don’t attack me ya ><

There are many many more, I will post all the photos in Facebook. Hehe^^
Next Station, Pukyong National University
Why Go Busan, I need to visit Pukyong University??? 
Because here is my illegal and free living place. haha… ^^
Tall and huge Residential Buildings… Wao! Haha
Here they are!!! My crazy UM Friends!!! Argghhhh…In Korea!!! haha
Exchange Students from UM to Pukyong University.
Beloved Siau Hui,CCC,Iris,ChamYew and MeiYee.
 So Happy to meet them ^^ Thanks Guys.
I can Speak Mandarin all the Time, Wakaka!!!
Without Wasting time, we go Busan Tower.
Although it is closed earlier, we still have lots of Fun ^^ Hehe…
 5 little Cute People. hehe
Then What we do? Hmmphhh… Korean Barbecue!!! 
 The shop is not very expensive and is near to Pukyong University. The taste is quite Good also. Love it! 

 Look so attractive and delicious… Yummy!!!
And we drink this. hehe… SoJu??? I think so… Hehe… like wine, but alcohol content is Low.
It is rather nice and not expensive. hehe
The Next day~~~
Nice Weather in the morning!!! Let’s Go 
Haeundae Beach
This Beach is the selling point of Busan, it is clean and very comfortable. I love Sea!!! 
The water is so cold, I don’t know why. haha… Jump into it, we will be freezed 0.o 
 The wave looks beautiful and it keeps wetting us. haha
 6 Adorable People Trip to Haeundae Beach.
 Of course lar, We Jump high high to reach for the star. haha… 
Thanks Siau Hui for the photo la.^^
Okie, Raining + Enough with the beach already.
Let’s go
( The LARGEST Department Store in THE WORLD)
But we shop well in Lotte Duty Free store next to it. haha…
Shinsagae’s things are too high class already la…>< …
Another Selling point in Busan Now… In Shinsagae Level 6. 
Madame Tussauds Busan
Can We call it ” Wax Muzeum” ? hehe
 9000 Won for the entrance. It is small but we can take thousands of photos inside. hehe
See, They are very authentic right?

Michael Jackson…
Super Handsome David Beckham
 I will share more photos in Facebook too ^^.
It is time to have a rest… haha…
Exhausted, but we supper with Korean Tasty Fried Chicken. Hehe…Yummy3. 

 Korean Fried Chicken is really really really not bad haha… 
I recommend to taste the Fried Chicken with the special Red Sauce on it. Super Nice. I lost the photos. :p
The Last night in Busan,
I do not want to waste the chance to see the fantastic Diamond Bridge,
So I do a crazy thing with YS Ong. haha… walk to there in rain. 40 minutes… Kill me…>< haha
Gwangan Bridge and Beach

 This place is another Selling Point in Busan. Must Go… It will be two-fold better if not raining…hehe.
The night view is really impressive. hehe… 
The Third Day~~ (T.T) Last day…
Yeah, I take a photo with my class Genius and homework provider. JiaYen^^
Last hangout with the crazy people in  Busan…hehe…
The second last station:
Jalcachi Fish Market
( One of the Selling points of Busan – SeaFood Paradise)
There are Big Fish, Big octopus, Big crab, every sea creature there is BIG! haha
Every fish monger there is almost selling the same things… 
It is hard to imagine how they can survive. hehe… 
Impressive view of all fish-selling in there.
Then of course la… we go for Sea Food Feast. haha… 
The seafood is so fresh and delicious. ^^

After the terrifying typhoon, we go to the 
BIFF ( Busan International Film Festival ) 
 Nothing very special here I think. Just some famous actors had been here.
And it is the location of Film Festival^^
Sob Sob. It is  time for me to go back already T.T
Farewell Photo :
What I can say is, I really enjoy the trip.
With Hiao-Friends and beautiful scenery in Busan, I do not regret to spend 5 hours journey to there.
Thanks my dearest Friends. 
This trip is one of the most happiest moment in Korea. ^^
Busan is a Great Place!
To be continued…

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