Chapter 9 : Free Shuttle Bus to Busan Korea


Yeah~ I come back from Busan Using Free Shuttle Bus!!! Wakaka…
Dun envy me ya ^^
Why I can get Free Shuttle bus?
Am I VIP ? I hope so… But actually it is free for all foreigners. Teheee

Busan is really a nice place, It is the second largest City in Korea.
Its beaches are extremely well known and impressive.

Nah, I share with you guys…
Go to the website and choose the dates you want to go Busan From Seoul.


From Seoul, It will depart at 8am in the morning @  Dongwha Duty Free Shop in Gwanghwanum
and it will stop at Lotte Hotel Busan (Seomyeon, Busan) 
Then when go back to Seoul From Busan?
4pm (Better be there at 340pm) at same place – Lotte Hotel Busan
Erm, Usually you cannot get the ticket as everyone booked and confirmed, but… 
It turns out to be almost empty ( I am not sure whether I am blessed or lucky )
That day, the bus has only 9 people. (Going to Busan)
But, Coming back journey from Busan to Seoul on Sunday are almost occupied. ><
So, Since there are FREE tickets for Foreigners, Just Go for it.
Remember to Book the ticket first so that your name is ON THE LIST.
After booking the ticket, You can go to the departure location and wait. If there is any empty seat, then you can take the Free Shuttle Bus. (25 seats for Shuttle Bus to Busan)
Any enquiry, please ask me … I am willing to answer. Hehe.
To be Continued… (Busan Crazy Trip)

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  1. Hi, I am.planning on taking the free shuttle bus to busan as well. Although I am still waiting for their confirmation, I would like to know how long did it take to reach busan and how long and how much were you able to explore Busan during that time? Thanks!


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