Chapter 8 : The Biggest Church in The World – Yoido Full Gospel Church@Seoul

Owh~ A church in Korea. And What’s Special about it??? O.o
Emm, Good Question…
Yoido Full Gospel Church
A Blessed Church with
12 services with multiple languages! @@
800,000 Church Members!! Fainted…
Each service/worship has 7000+++ People attend!!!
Yeah~ That’s it :
Main Sanctuary of the Church!
It looks like a stadium right? haha
Right in front of the sanctuary, there is a BIG Cross!!!
To give a clearer picture of the Biggest Church, I take this photo:
As you can see, all the above buildings are part of the church!!! WalaoA!!!
There are Huge Sunday School, Giant administration Office, BookStore, Chapels and others.
Let’s Go to join the Service ^^
What’s making the church more special and blessed is,
There are several language translations for the whole sermon and worship! OMG.
English, Mandarin, Indonesian/Malay, Japanese and so on.
International and welcoming everyone from all over the world…
Here is the main sanctuary:
I am in the second floor, foreigner area.
We are led there with warm welcome.
 This is really astonishing and Bravo!!!
When they pray and sing, the voice is marvelously loud and powerful. haha
There are two Screens projecting what’s happening in the sanctuary and one screen for translation.
The following is What I really love
The Choir! haha…
So harmonious and sweet. Praising Lord with their Souls.
 There is not only piano/organ, but Orchestra!!! Amazing!!!
Few hundreds people are singing hymn. And Full Gospel Church has several such Choir teams!
Nah, This is the translator ^^
There are several channels, 1 is English, 3 is Mandarin and so on…hehe. Nice! And High Tech.
Sermon, Scripture reading and others are all translated.
After the service, we( new foreign comers ) attend an international briefing regarding the church. Hehe
There are several services,
7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm on Sunday.
7am and 3pm are English Service
while 9am, 11am and 1 pm are international ones, translation provided.
 I wish to meet the church founder, Rev. David Yonggi Cho.
But he is busy with oversea ministry.
But I meet the new church leader, Rev. Yong Hoon Lee.^^
How to go?
Go the subway line 9, National Assembly station, go Exit no. 1.
Walk straight towards the Han River, you will see the majestic church^^
It is  located in Yoido, Seoul, Korea.
By the way, the Church also has their Radio channel and Newspaper!!!
O. M. G!!!
May God continue to bless this church and bring salvation to people.
To be continued…

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