Chapter 6 : Spectacular N Seoul Tower and Namdaemun Market

Namdaemun is one of the Tourist Hot Spot in Seoul.
So, How can I miss it!? Hehe
Namdaemun Market
It is really a huge market and contains a magnitude of things!
Shoes, T-shirts, Umbrella, Food, Traditional Clothes and many more.
( Things are Quite cheap here, Hehe)
And it is Crowded with people especially tourists! Amazing!!!.
“People Mountain, People Sea”
Next I wish to introduce a must-east Food.
Hehe… Big Dumpling…
It looks like Bun and is really tasty!!! Hehe…
I brought two different favours with 1200 won. ^^ Yummy Yummy.
Exciting !!! It is time for
The renowned and world-known
N Seoul Tower
From Namdaemun Market, you can simply take 05 shuttle bus to the bottom of the Tower.
or you can take Cable Car^^ (For me, not worthy la)
Hehe… walking around and taking photos!!!
Oh ya, The Seoul Tower is in Namsam Park… It is really a great and natural place:
(My advice: Don’t walk to the tower through the park, it is very huge!!!)



 You can view Seoul clearly from this large Park.
The park actually is like a small hill… hehe… Chill~~~
Drum…Drum…Drum… here comes… The N Seoul tower!
The bottom part of it… There are several interesting things to see.
 Nah~~~ hehe… Guess what is it… hehe



 Yup. They are sort of Wishing Trees.
What you have to do is, buy a locker from shops and write sth on it.
Love, Friendship, Family etc…
There are many more…


 The above array of wishes are on a Big wooden “Balcony”
You can view Seoul From here too ^^
Other than that, There is a Bear Museum… But I didn’t go inside… hehe…
It’s time to GO UP!!! haha…to the Observatory!!! hehe
The ticket for adult… is 9000 Won…
And once you go up, you can stay on it until it is closed.
But after coming down, you cannot go up again lo~


Go up there for what? Of course is to View Seoul ^^
In the Evening:
 So Exciting!!! and the views are so great.
All tall building and Seoul is packed with skyscrapers.
After Waited for 2 hours…Finally night has come!!! haha


Magnificent!!! Spectacular!!! 
The Best View belongs to:


 ooo…It is time to go down T.T
I love the night view of Seoul^^
Lastly, Say GoodBye to Seoul Tower^^
Have a great day with these Great places… Enjoy very much!!!
To be continued…

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