Chapter 5 : Coex Mall (Samseong Station Area)

Sunday Morning…For sure Visit to crowded place is more exciting and interesting.
Hehe…So I go to Samseong there with my New Korean friend, K.
Along the Subway journey we can see the impressive and Gigantic.
Han River (Hangang)


One day I should spend more time to enjoy its beauty and majestic views.
And we are here:
Coex Mall
Coex Mall is kind of underground shopping complex.
But its design is not similar to common underground market. It looks really nice and crowded.
It doesn’t have many floors but it is huge! haha
Fashion, book stores, food, all can be found here. ^^


I heard that Coex Mall is the place where Korean Stars will appear and shop at there.
Unfortunately, I didn’t see one. XD
K and I
Then there is Aquarium and Kimchi Museum.
I only go for Kimchi Museum as Aquarium is too expensive >,< hehe
Kimchi Museum
It is located INSIDE Coex Mall and its entrance fee = 3000 won. ^^
 I think this is a Must-Go place for tourists.
Because everyday we eat Kimchi and should know a little bit about it, isn’t it?  haha
It shows a variety of Kimchi and Kimchi favour changes with seasons.
We can understand the process of making Kimchi and some other knowledge about it.

Erm… yeah~ That’s it.
There is LG 3D TV exhibition. haha…I am impressed once again by the amazing 3D effect.


I just spent few hours in Coex Mall. Hehe… Nothing more liao… wakaka…
To be continued… (Namdaemun Market and Seoul Tower)

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