Chapter 3 : How to use Subway in Seoul

Seoul has a very advanced and well-developed Subway.
It can be used to travel to everywhere in Seoul ^^ Hehe.
I looks complicated and it is true!
You seriously need to bring along the above map and do preparation before you use it.
You can easily get this map through internet or Tourist centre in Korea. ^^
I found one supreme helpful website to use Subway in Korea:
What you do it, identify the subway station nearest to your destination and select them in the link.
Very User-friendly.^^
Then the subway is similar to LRT in Malaysia.
Grab yourself one Touch and Go card.
In Seoul, you need to buy the card in Mini-mart or others.
There got a variety of cards you can purchase, like Lotte Member card or T money… etc
The difference is the discount sort of offers… Probably (not sure XD )


Why I have 2? because I lost the T Money… >,< so unlucky.
OR else, but one trip ticket with the machine in the station:
 Ticket Vending and Card Reload Device
You can buy this with the machine. And remember to refund the card after you used it. 500 Won is paid as deposit.
Entrance :
Scan the cards with this:
The subway is rather hot but it shows you everything.
Each subway has various of Exits (1 to 10 may be). But there are maps to help you to choose which exit you want to use.


There is 3D map for users too.
Before entering the train, they clearly state the direction to users too.




As well as
There are a lot of Road Signs, you will not get lost if you can read numbers and maps.^^



Hopefully this is helpful.
Subway is more convenient and easy to be used for foreigners because there are English/Japanese/Mandarin.
But Buses mostly in Korean language. ;p
Enjoy traveling using Subway ^^

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