Chapter 2 : Eyes on Yonsei University

Now, I am going to introduce you guys – One of the Korea Top Universities –
Yonsei University
– 16th in QS Asian University Ranking
– Located in Seoul
– Christian University
-Nice and Modern!
With This! I Explore and Travel in Yonsei :
As you can see, the buildings shown on the map are all in 3D. I can easily recognize the buildings and go everywhere I want. I never get lost in University with this, my new lovely darling. Hehe ^^
The Main road of Yonsei. Wide and all Junctions will have traffic officers.
All buildings and designs of the Structures are modern and Good-looking!
The University is BIG and with well-established facilities. ^^
Cars are everywhere in Yonsei (just like UM)
But… UM has Swimming pool… Wohoo… Cheers, UM-ians. haha.
 There are a lot of fantastic mind-relaxing and calming down places too:
(So suitable for unwinding and … dating. haha)


And students can Smoke “proudly” in the campus. O.o
Males Students here are mostly Muscular and Fit. Some really look handsome.
But I mostly find extreme beautiful girls outside. haha ^^
Some female students look very ok… and some are typical Korean. ^^
Next I am going to highlight some interesting places. hehe
Underwood hall
(office of President … etc)
 See. Plant is on the wall… My dream house is almost like that. Embrace the Mother of nature ~
Next, this is really Wao-ing! haha
Central Library and Yonsei-Sumsung Library
 You see! So modern design. Amazingly comfortable and study-mood producing. haha
 Computers are everywhere, just they scare you do not use it. :p
 Study Place. Quiet and Solemn… ^^
They do not forget the Greenery as well… Hehe
I super like their library. I want to study in there and sleep inside. haha
Another favourite part is, they have a Church inside! Thanks God.
Luke Church


Thanks God, they have English Sunday Service. haha^^
5pm on Sunday. Yes!!! I do not need to walk far.
Even the Church looks so great and attractive! Argghhhhh….
Next destination will be introduced with a little Guessing.
 4. I think you guys know the answer with this :
Yeah~ It is a Hospital
Severance Hospital
Providing international-level service and well-recognised. ^^
I am going to say about Yonsei is, Thanks God, it is really a good University.
It is really an amazing place and I love it very much.
Food Courts & Security are everywhere and Buildings are looking splendid!
What I rather not like is… Subway Station is far from the University. T.T
Although shuttle bus is provided, it has limited time. haha
I guess I have to exercise whenever I want to go out.
I am going to explore more in Seoul soon. YES! haha
To be Continued… (Tourism Spot)

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