Chapter 1 : Discovery of Seoul and Yonsei University Summer Program.

Korea, Seoul !!! I am coming!!! Yeah ~ ~ ~
Thanks Matthew for the drive to KLIA… Hehe
On board. Not “Everyone can fly” this time, is 
MAS!!! Wahahaha.
 The seat is comfortable and the space is quite ambient ^^ Nice nice
Pillow and Blanket are provided (so warm~)
Newspaper also got!!!? Wao!


Supper Supper… Not Murni in SS2 but Sandwich… Hehe…


ZZZ… zzz… Z. Z. z. z.Z. z… z… Cannot sleep well @@
Never Mind… it is time for Breakfast! (Nasi Lemak)
OF course! I never miss a chance to…
She is Beautiful right? hehe… and Cheerful and Extrovert.
After 7 and a half ++ flight…
Where is my name on Card welcoming me? Walao, no meh!
only got this… T.T


Incheon Airport… Hehe…
No time to waste. Take AirBus to Yonsei ^^
Bus 6011 straight arrives Yonsei University Station.
Hostel (SK Global house)
 Check in and … Here is my Dorm…
Card as key and main switch.
2 in 1 ( I am staying with an Indonesian – Dhika)
 Desk and study place. So like it… If UM has it, surely will be wonderful!
Settled and time’s to Hiao! haha
Lunch First (just outside of SK house and near East Gate)
Ordered Kalmandu (Noodles with Dumpling)
But they serve me this:
 Huh? Not noodles meh? why this? so small, how can Full o… and 6000 Won lagi wo… @@
Who knows… later become…
Walao! Wanna eat die me a? Totally cannot finish all…So full…
In Malaysia, we are afraid we cannot be full but here I afraid I cannot finish all >,< haha
Next station, walking around ^^
The roads there are quite wide and big… Hmm…
and of course, Buy one Touch and Go, hehe
Although is just a town outside the University, It is not small and has a lot of Shop-lots.
What I discover is :
Masks are super duper cheap!
one piece not even RM1.00 haha. (not branded de la)
Feeling :
I cannot speak and understand Korean Language, this makes me face difficulty in communicating with Korean there >,< haha. I want to LEARN KOREAN LANGUAGE ASAP! Hehe
Seoul is well developed and crowded. Hmmm… Tall buildings and big cars.
Expecting tomorrow’s short orientation…^^
To be continued… ( Yonsei University)

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1 : Discovery of Seoul and Yonsei University Summer Program.

Add yours

  1. Hihi… Thanks for your reply! =)

    Maybe I missed out from your blog. May I ask do you get a rental phone or use prepaid card? May you advise which is better? I will be calling backk malaysia often :p


  2. Hallo, Hmm… this I have no idea. Because I didn't use phone there. Hmm… u can go the airport and ask o. there are a lot of phone shop there. The main reason I dun wanna buy or rent is , it is Super expensive haha. it depends on ur budget ya.

    use Skype to call back. on ur computer. hard to get wifi in Yonsei, (2 years ago)
    remember to bring cable there ya. or else u have to buy it there


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