Inspiring Quotations!!! Pushing Us Forwards

Yeah ~ Holidaysssss… 
But We Cannot let our holiday to be fruitless one right? 
So we just need to spare some time to improve and equip ourselves for a better future.
Globalized world is simple but complicated and challenging. (>,< Scaryyyy) Haha
Here are some Famous Quotes from World-known Leaders.
First of all. 
Steve Jobs
A Quotation from Steve Job:

Influential Quote From Steve Jobs
Yes, Future is in our hands. If we strive starting from this second, we can prepare ourselves to overcome all obstacles in our lives. Information, Global news, Technology and many more are awaiting for us to learn and absorb. Just… We are lazy and reluctant to do it out. Haha
Next we have
Barack Obama
A Quotation from Barack Obama:

Powerful Quote from Obama
“Change” as Obama said… haha… 
One Step to change, A big step for future. 
If you are willing to change, nothing can be a barrier for you to shoot for the stars ^^
Starting from attitude which is the most important thing, in my humble opinion.
Be initiative, progressive, passionate and so on. 
“Embrace the Excellent, abandon the Inferior.”
Wohoo, Without further ado, we have
Bill Gates
A Quotation from Bill Gates:

Inspiring Quote from Gates
One-Man-show is kind of outdated (Although I like to do this, HiakHiak)
Full understanding of the abilities and expertise of teammates is rather important. So that you can lead and utterly utilize the whole team to perform tasks. ^^ 
Beside Gates also suggests us to empower others. Impossible to keep everything and die with it right? haha… Pointless. People inspire people and leaders produce leaders! Yeah!!!
Furthermore, we will have
Warren Buffett
A Quotation from Warren Buffett:

Encouraging Quote from Warren Buffett
Being competitive is not a bad thing. Worst is obsessed and abuse. 
Lose, No one likes it.
So in order not to taste it, we perform our best to achieve what we want and desire. 
Logical and so true. “Not To Lose”
I like and agree this. Lose belongs to loser? haha…
But sometime we should learn to accept lose. Inevitable~ 
As science students, we cannot forget 
Albert Einstein
A Quotation from Albert Einstein:

Meaningful Quote from Einstein
It is a good Simile, isn’t it? Haha
Whatever happens, we have to accept and change the negative to be momentum for future. ^^
Happy or unhappy, life goes on.
Why we choose to suffer but not live with joys? Hehe
Recently, my exam just ruined my mood for …a half-day. haha.
Never mind, I have a wonderful and perfect quotation for it. HiakHiak
The Ultimate Quotation !!!
Again From 
Bill Gates
Another Quotation from Bill Gates:

Most Famous Quote from Bill Gates
In Remembrance of The Great Man –
Nelson Mandela
Quotation from Nelson Mandela :

Nelson Mandela Quote:

” The earth never stops to spin, 

so, Never Stop to Reach for Your Dreams. ” 
Ending with
A Quotation from Walt Disney:
Quote from Walt Disney

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