I Scored Many Cs

With pounding hearts, I was holding an envelope with my shaking hands. It's first time I felt breath's so hard to catch. This feeling is none other than "breathtakingly" anxiety. It's my Uni exam result! "Open it" said my brain. "Do it" said my heart. "Tear it open" that's what my hands did. My heart... Continue Reading →

Talk to the Boss

Just came back from Manila Business Trip not long ago, and I have learned an impressive lesson - Talk to the Boss! Nowadays I deal with my local distributors and visit customers together from time to time. Of course objective is to sell them products. There is one new customer in Philippines that I have... Continue Reading →

#093 – Working from Home?

As some of you may know, I have landed myself a new job. Okay, I know, "Again!???". This time round I was hooked by a phone call from an agent and the interesting job. Yeah the most interesting part is, working from home. It's a regional sales role, supplying water treatment additives (chemicals). It's a... Continue Reading →

#092 – EQ or IQ?

Everyone says EQ is more (much more) important than IQ. Do you agree? I... agree with one hand but not two. I think IQ is still equally important as EQ! A normal IQ person with high EQ may not achieve success (of course, arguably vice versa). Just imagine a smart person will ultimately solve more... Continue Reading →

#091 – Inspired by Landed Houses

I am staying in Yew Tee, Singapore, and a total advocate of this lovely place. Quiet, clean, and kinda convenient. I believe that's why my two ex-colleagues have moved here. LOL! There is a nice canal jogging place which I love to run there. It's very relaxing and comfortable to run there. After the run,... Continue Reading →

#090 – Humorously Speaking (Cheapskate)

When my Taiwanese colleague visits Singapore, I bring him out for dinner with another colleague, Chris. Chris picks the restaurant Brozeit, the beer place, as the dinner place because drinkers just never stop drinking. He is a member at Brozeit. We had a great time together, and not sure why all sorts of complaints flow... Continue Reading →

#090 – Cheapskate!

One evening my Taiwanese colleague visited Singapore so I brought him out for dinner lor. And I asked a freshly new ex-colleague to join since he just left the company and wanted to meet the Taiwanese colleague as well. He picked #Brozeit Jurong East as the dinner place as obviously they wanted to drink. We... Continue Reading →

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