#109 – 4 Opportunities during COVID-19

I believe the "beautiful looking" Covid-19 is affecting you and me in many many many ways. Not only you and me, but the whole world. By the time I am typing this blog post, the cases have gone up to 670,000 worldwide with 31,000 death. 😞 Initially, I thought this Coronavirus infection would soon to... Continue Reading →

#108 – Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) Review

Millionaire Mind Intensive Logo - Source: Success Resource [Throwback 2017 experience, written in 2017]  HOW many of you have heard of MILLIONAIRE MIND INTENSIVE (MMI)?  T Harv Eker, the author of the best selling book - Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, has designed a series of programs and training.   One of the most famous programs or... Continue Reading →

#107 – Toastmasters Ice Break Speech

I have joined Toastmasters for 4 years and a half now (since 2016 November). Time flies and I enjoy myself very much. Glad to be part of Toastmasters Club of Singapore and growing together with it. Confidence, stage presence, body language, vocal variety, speech crafting and etc are my lessons learned in Toastmasters. You will... Continue Reading →

#102 – Lesson from Sales Guru

Have you heard of "Tangibilize". Tangibilizing means showing photographs and. other graphics, videos, awards and recognitions, testimonials, and other elements (e.g., menus) that make the organization's services more real or tangible. Tangibilizing the benefits customer can gain through our products and services is a great sales method. E.g. product costs 10k but the product can help... Continue Reading →

#101 – How to Get Promotion!

[Two Minutes Read] Best way to learn things is to "Leech" on Wiser Person! I loved my supper session with toastmasters buddies and veterans. The biggest and the most valuable takeaway was on "how to get promotion!". Let's discuss about this. Fact: Smartest and "hardworking-est" persons may not be the ones sitting in the bigger... Continue Reading →


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