#093 – Working from Home?

As some of you may know, I have landed myself a new job. Okay, I know, "Again!???". This time round I was hooked by a phone call from an agent and the interesting job. Yeah the most interesting part is, working from home. It's a regional sales role, supplying water treatment additives (chemicals). It's a... Continue Reading →

#092 – EQ or IQ?

Everyone says EQ is more (much more) important than IQ. Do you agree? I... agree with one hand but not two. I think IQ is still equally important as EQ! A normal IQ person with high EQ may not achieve success (of course, arguably vice versa). Just imagine a smart person will ultimately solve more... Continue Reading →

#091 – Inspired by Landed Houses

I am staying in Yew Tee, Singapore, and a total advocate of this lovely place. Quiet, clean, and kinda convenient. I believe that's why my two ex-colleagues have moved here. LOL! There is a nice canal jogging place which I love to run there. It's very relaxing and comfortable to run there. After the run,... Continue Reading →

#090 – Humorously Speaking (Cheapskate)

When my Taiwanese colleague visits Singapore, I bring him out for dinner with another colleague, Chris. Chris picks the restaurant Brozeit, the beer place, as the dinner place because drinkers just never stop drinking. He is a member at Brozeit. We had a great time together, and not sure why all sorts of complaints flow... Continue Reading →

#090 – Cheapskate!

One evening my Taiwanese colleague visited Singapore so I brought him out for dinner lor. And I asked a freshly new ex-colleague to join since he just left the company and wanted to meet the Taiwanese colleague as well. He picked #Brozeit Jurong East as the dinner place as obviously they wanted to drink. We... Continue Reading →

#089 – What’s Your Calling?

Have you ever stood at a junction in life making tough decisions and you feel so troubled? Decision making is an unavoidable scenario in life. Every day we are making decisions, big and small. However, when we need to decide which life-changing (potentially) actions to be taken, that's when we could find making such a... Continue Reading →

#088 – 你真的快乐吗?

你快乐吗? 真的? 每个人都带着面具(自 懂事后)。嘻嘻哈哈的背后,谁懂?看似成功的内心,谁懂?乍看幸福的真情,谁懂?不都是你看我好,我看你好。你我,不也是这样吗?所以现今社会提倡“做自己”,那就是快乐。真的吗? 快乐,好像是小学就学会的字眼,很简单,很易懂。笑笑,就是快乐吗?快乐是我们所追求的吗?我也是想要爱自己更多,我要快乐~(我要能睡的安稳~)。到底怎么样才能快乐呢? 最近,有深深的领悟。听过,平安吗?PEACE。我们很爱说,PEACE BE WITH YOU, 祝你平安。你曾经感受过,心中的平安吗?那是一种,会让我真的睡得安稳的感觉(张惠妹的“我要快乐”)。有了平安,感觉世界没那么恶劣,生活没那么烦躁,未来没那么迷茫。就是纯粹的一种很舒服,很愉快,很无忧的感觉。要快乐,我觉得要有平安。 但要怎么样才能有平安呢?很多人学瑜伽,希望平静自己的心。很多人求神拜佛,希望获得保佑。很多人选着逃避,那什么都不用烦。当然还有很多很多“觉得可以”的方法。 如果说幸运是存在的,我这一生中,最幸运的事就是,认识了一位爱我的神。(不需要翻白眼)。当然我没有否认爱我和我爱的家人朋友们,你们也是让我幸福的人儿们,好吗? 是的,我信上帝,耶稣基督。这不是一般的信仰,因为太真实了。自身的感受是不会骗人的。我软弱,我跌倒,跌的很痛,很深,是这位上帝,愿意扶我一把。就算我多么破碎,我还是被祂怜悯,原谅和呵护。重错误里改过自新的人啊,往往这会持之以恒。 (好好好,我讲的很抽象,很像 STANDARD 传教酱。但是是真的吗。) 我很幸运,不是因为我所拥有的(也没什么钱),是因为,有这么样的一位上帝在爱着我。心里的那份平安,是从祂而来。也许很难跟你们解释,但是,你们懂的。哈哈哈。 我觉得,我们都需要平安。不是叫你有了平安,就不用努力工作,不用让自己变得更好,不求上进 厚。平安能使我们真真实实的感受到快乐。真的。我心中的平安,都是从上帝而来,没有人比祂爱我和你更深。知道有一位神那么的爱着我们,真的就够了。更棒的是;平安是祂给我们美好的礼物。 朋友,你在烦恼吗?愿你也能感受到这份平安。 今天是个重大的日子!因为今天是 耶稣受难日。 长话短说,就是这位 道成肉身的神,为我们这些罪人,被钉死在十字架上。为了纪念耶稣为我们的罪而死,所以有了耶稣纪念日。神奇的是,每年这一天都在礼拜五,所以英文就叫做“Good Friday”。讲得有点太简单了,可是背后,我个人感受的,比纪念这日子来得更深。感谢上帝给我们每个人的爱。 因为祂的爱,我们能得平安。 最后,这段经文与大家共勉之: 神 爱 世 人 , 甚 至 将 他 的 独 生 子 赐 给 他 们 , 叫 一 切 信 他 的 , 不 至 灭... Continue Reading →

#087 – Catching Up

Recently there are quite a few meet up to catch up sessions with friends and ex-colleagues. Suddenly I realize that, April is like a busy month to meet friends and celebrate birthday. More catch up sessions to come! So last week, my buddy KB flew from Sandakan to Singapore for a trip to Bangkok. He... Continue Reading →

#086 – Risk and Hope

Today, I have tendered my resignation letter. It's really a super tough decision and I would say it's a leap of faith. I feel so sorry to my boss because 3 out of 4 in his team are leaving... So now what I would like to do is to pen down my reasons of leaving,... Continue Reading →

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