#027 – Communication is the bridge

Well, I couldn't believe the fact that I face difficulty in dealing with hyper-sensitive people. Sadly, I do face this kinda people at least twice in this year. To an insensitive person like me, hypersensitive people are difficult to work with. Reasons being my casual words or styles may easily offend them without I knowing... Continue Reading →

#026 – Don’t Prata lah!

Let me tell you a story. Long long time ago, there is a village elder and some villagers. Village elder is planning for an exploration trip which excites everyone but only with one villager. The elder told villager 1, you and I will go together. After a few days, villager 2 got a message from... Continue Reading →

#025 – Friendship is Treasure

I really had a great weekend! Because of my bestie's wedding and also an awesome gathering with my crazy bunch of friends. Sometimes I really feel our face is like so damn thick. Wherever we go, when we start to talk nonsense, we will laugh like MAD. Just imagine a group of crazy people laughing... Continue Reading →

#022 – Colleagues or Friends

As a working adult, I guess most of us don't really get a chance to know more friends unless we attend some socializing events/go to some crowded places often. So the common opportunity for us will be in the workplace. I have to admit my closest friends in Singapore mostly are my colleagues or ex-colleagues.... Continue Reading →

#021 – 21 Days A Habit!

WOHOOO!!!! Today is the day! This marks the 21st blog post/reflection!!! Can't believe I really achieve this. I would like to thank my mum, my dad, my family, and friends! Thank you so much! and of course, YOU who are reading this blog. Looking like my 3-minutes warmth didn't strike me well this time, hopefully,... Continue Reading →

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